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General Information For Your Safari that you might find helpful


We boast one of the prime hunting areas in the Limpopo Province, the privately owned 10,000 acres 40,000 acres of concession areas elsewhere and has a diversity of Bushveld and Mountainous areas as well as river valleys to Mopani and tall Savannah shrubs.  The quality of trophies taken from this properties has been proven to be beyond compare to other areas - several SCI Gold trophies has been taken here.  We are dedicated to finding our clients the best size trophies available.


Your trophies will be marked, salted and field prepared prior to being sent to the Taxidermist of your choice.  The taxidermist will then take care of the additional treatment, packing and shipping of your trophies.


Accommodation will be in quality thatched rooms, sleeping 1-2 people per room.  All room are equipped with an on-suite bathroom, flushing toilets and hot and cold water.  Our camp in South Africa has luxury accommodation with electricity (220-240 volt) fitted with converters.

Our staff will perform tasks such as cooking and laundry daily.  We prepare what you shoot, all kinds of venison adapted to your personal requirements and taste and will be served with South African wines.


All year round, however the best period is March to October.



Winter (May - August) mornings 40'F - 70'F in the afternoons.

Spring (February - April & September - October) from 70'F - 90'F.



Hunters may bring only 2 guns of a different caliber into South Africa.  Bring a bolt-action or double action rifle.  For dangerous Game a minimum caliber of 375 x 40 solid and 40 soft point cartridges is required (Barns X & Nosler Partitions).  Plains game hunting, a caliber of 300 or 30-06 with at least 60 soft point cartridges will be sufficient.  Fit your rifle with a good quality scope with variable power e.g. 1.5-6x42 or 2.2-9x42.  For transportation between hunting areas, a soft case is required.  The import of hunting weapons to South Africa - application documents for your rifle import before your arrival can be obtained from


All bookings will be confirmed with a 100% deposit of the daily rates.  The deposit is non refundable if being cancelled within 6 months prior to arrival.  The balance is payable on the day of arrival at the hunting camp.  Payments can be made in Travelers Checks, Wire Transfers and Cash.  We also except card payments in camp.



1 x Warm jacket

3 x Hunting trousers

3 x Hunting shirts

3 x Pairs of socks

3 x Sets of underwear

1 x Pair of comfortable hunting shoes

1 x Hat

1 x Binoculars, camera with film and batteries, cartridge belt, flash light and a personal medicine kit. etc.


A valid passport is needed as well as an invitation to hunt (from your Hunting Outfitter - we will supply the invitation letter by e-mail) is needed.  South Africa requires no visa.  Zimbabwe requires a visa.



When booking, specify the animals you wish to hunt.  All hunters from countries which are signatory to CITES Convention must bring a photocopy of their original CITES permit for Leopard, Elephant, Crocodile, Lion and Hippopotamus.  CITES permits can be obtained from a Federal Wildlife Permit Office.


Any Safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful direction and advise of the Safari Operator be followed.  Hunters-Rock Safaris accepts no responsibility for the death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person or the loss, theft or damaging of property occurring during a visit (visits) to areas or resorts under our control, whether allegedly due to the negligence of any of our staff or agents, or arising from the from the use of any facility supplied or made available by us.


We have a contract with Custom Travel from WI - USA for International flights and they offer competitive prices.  Best prices available with early reservations.


We leave you with these last words:

A quote by Mr Theodore Roosevelt - March 15, 1910

" I speak of Africa and golden joys, the joy of wandering through lonely lands, the joy of hunting the mighty and terrible lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the weary, and the Grimm "

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